Terms & Conditions

We Abide By The Rules

Refund Policy

1. Repayment policy remains valid until the end of 15 days timescale following project delivery.
2. If the customer wants to submit following the lapse of 15 days due to poor quality, then a 30% counter checking and 50% revision fee is to be paid. (This 30% or 50% amounts from the file size/word count).
3. Repayment policy is exclusively set aside for audio or materials ranked under group A (First-Rate) and B (Good).
4. We can counter check again to revamp file quality before you can resort to applying for the money-back.
5. The repayment request will be authorized where the repeated proofreading does not fix the quality issue. Clients should annex the reviewed replica.
6. Repayment policy does not remedy audio/materials under the Complex quality and Rush order categories.
7. We do not pre-assure clients of attaining High accuracy where the files are classified as either Complex or ordered via Rush/Super Rush turnarounds. Similarly, redrafting is not allowable.

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